Open Pulse

I am the owner of the “Open Pulse” blog, which is dedicated to free and open source software (FOSS). The concept behind this blog is to establish a media platform that is transparent “from the ground up” — detailing the software it uses, how internal processes are set up, who is behind the blog, how topics for posts are selected, etc.


I am the root administrator of the “Perm GNU/Linux Users Group” (Telegram chat). This group is a community of software/hardware engineers, QA engineers, managers, students, and others who are passionate about free and open source software and hardware. The community, which began in the late 90s, remains perfectly vibrant. I have been the organizer of this community since around 2017.

Sci-Fi Club “NX-01”

I also lead the “NX-01” Sci-Fi art club in the Fediverse. This club is currently focused on sharing AI-generated images envisioning a positive future. Previously, it also featured posts about books, movies, news, and hosted some interesting discussions.